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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How do I add/manage an authorized pickup person for my child?

    1. Log into your Eleyo account.
    2. While viewing the Dashboard, select the desired Child Care account under the Your Accounts heading.
    3. Select the desired contract from the list.
    4. On the left, select Manage Authorized Pickups.
    5. If the desired Authorized Pickup needs to be updated, you can change the existing details in the corresponding fields. Use the Add Authorized Pickup to add a new person. Use the red Remove icon to delete an existing person.
    6. When all information has been completed for that student, select Save Authorized Pickups.
    7. If there is more than one student, repeat the steps for each making sure to select the Save Authorized Pickups for each.
  • How do I make changes to my child's scheduled days?

    • Use "DROP-IN" requests for days that have already been invoiced.
      • Requests made without a two business days' notice will be billed at the higher drop-in rate.
      • Advance notice requests will appear on your invoice as a "drop-in", but will be billed at the regular daily rate.
      • Please click HERE for assistance with registering for Drop-In days.
    • Use "CHANGE SCHEDULE" requests for days that have not yet been invoiced.
      • Please click HERE for assistance with requesting a change to a child care schedule.
  • How do I print a statement for tax purposes?

    Tax statements for the previous calendar year are ready to download after January 1st and may be accessed while reviewing your account online. The statements reflect line items for payments made on the account and include the name of the payer, dates and amounts of the payments plus the Federal Tax ID number for the Program. Payments on the tax statements are categorized by payer. 

    To access your tax statement online:

    1. Log into your Eleyo account.

    2. While viewing the Dashboard, select the Child Care account for which you wish to print a Tax Statement under the Your Accounts section.      

    3. Select the green Download Tax Information button under the Account Management section on the left. NOTE: If your child(ren) attended more than one Program (Before & After Care AND DK Break Camps), there will be a separate statement for each. 

  • My child is scheduled to be at Discovery Kids today but is sick. Who do I notify?

    Please contact your DK Site Facilitator (text or call/leave message) as well as the school's attendance clerk if school is in session. 

  • What are the contact numbers for Discovery Kids staff?

    Community Education Director: Ellie Hardt,, 480-987-3169

    Discovery Kids Supervisor: Joy Davis,, 480-655-6226

    DK Billing/Invoicing: Lynnette Swainston,, 480-987-7429 

    DME site cell: 480-494-7127

    FMSE site cell: 480-930-2405

    FBPE site cell: 480-274-9012

    GPA site cell: 480-512-9581

    JBE site cell: 480-241-0635

    KMBE site cell: 480-241-5869

    QCE site cell: 480-277-0287

    SES site cell: 480-743-7930

    SVE site cell: 480-842-2342

    SES site cell: 480-743-7930

    SVE site cell: 480-842-2342

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